Water Lettuce – Thank You

A huge thank you to each and everyone of you who participated in Friday’s water lettuce clean-up.  24 garbage bags full of this dreadful weed was removed in the hour-and-a-half on the river.

We will most definitely organise another clean-up; this time with a little more notice so we can muster up more volunteers.  We also need to Platanna to be part of the removal operation.  Unfortunately Tim’s newly-born baby girl became sick, so Tim could not make it to help us this time.

After Friday’s ‘operation’, we are all aware of the almost impossible task to remove the lettuce by hand.  The sooner the municipality releases the biological control agent ( little weevil called Neohydronomous affinis, the better.  I will be forwarding this email to the municipality’s biodiversity and environmental managers, asking when they intend releasing the weevil.  Will keep you posted!

SO…. a VERY big thank you to:


Sarah Abbott and Linda van Ryn who paddled upriver to join us

Neil Billson who took them out by the crate full

Anka Esterhuizen and Jenni ‘Metal’ who took them out by the garbage bag full

John Finch who cruised up from Klein River Lodge and whose boat was a huge help

Regina Jacoby, who slipped down stairs and can hardly turn her neck!, but who paddled while one of Jan Malan’s workers scooped out the drifting weeds (and half a garbage bag full of plastic and glass bottles)

Tony Coats for organising it all

John and Shirley Withers for their feet paddling and free hands to scoop up

HELPERS (who scooped from the side and assisted the canoeists:

Mike and Cynthia Hilton; Wenzel and another of Jan Malan’s assistants, Mary Knight (and dog Ziti)


Basil & Bea


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