Minutes 11 February 2014


Minutes of Management Committee Meeting

held on Tuesday 11th February 2014


Royd Frith (RF) – Chair

Michael Paddick – Treasurer

Basil Whittaker (BW)

Lindsay Frith (LF)

Elaine Teague (ET) – Scribe

Keith Brown (KB) – Heritage




1  Welcome and Apologies1.1  Welcome

The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending

1.2  Apologies

There were no apologies

1.3  Adoption of Agenda

The following items were added to the agenda

  • Ø  5.9           Proposed change to SC constitution relating to audit
  • Ø  5.10         Feedback from MJP on UDWG

1.4  Approval of Minutes of meeting 14 January 2014

The minutes of this meeting were approved

1.5  The January minutes will be posted on the SC website

1.6  Correspondence

A thank you letter had been sent to Bob Hadley












2  FinanceMJP had distributed a budget proposal prior to the meeting which was discussed and accepted by the committee.


3  Wandelpad ReportBW had submitted his report prior to the meeting.  It must again be recorded that the team working on all areas of the wandelpad are doing an excellent job.  It is proposed that additional rubbish bins will be placed along the path by the river. Expenses of R491 had been paid for the month.




4  Architecture and BuildingsKB’s Heritage Report had been submitted prior to the meeting and the following items were discussed

  • Ø  Stanford Style booklet – this project is still ongoing and it is felt that a deadline should be put for completion by end March 2014.
  • Ø  Overlay Zone – A letter to OM is being drafted to ensure SC involvement in OZ review
  • Ø  Emma Kriel to be approached to become an active member of SC and Heritage.
  • Ø  Architects are to be added to list of recipients on front of SS booklet along with developers, buiders ect.








5       Any Other Business5.1    Du Toit Street Sub Station

Bea Whittaker had discussion with the contractor on this project at which the contractor suggested a portable gantry could be used rather than fencing a permanent structure.  It has been suggested that any permanent building should be multi functional.  The whole project to be raised at Ward Committee

5.2    Stanford Style booklet will be available electronically once it is completed

5.3    A presentation on Stanford reed problem will be made at the AGM by Alan Liebenberg, Chief Conservation Officer – Intaka Island Wetland at Century City.

5.4    AGM – an article to be submitted to Stanford River Talk for March issue inviting the community to attend the AGM.  Also request Stanford Tourism to put announcement in Grapevine and Nosy Rosy and ET/LF produce a poster.  Ensure all members and appropriate persons/associations are invited to AGM – invitation must go out by 10 March 2014.

5.5    There were no additional items to be raised at Ward 11 committee meeting

5.6    Fund Raising

It was agreed that SC should endeavour to stage at least two fund raising events during the year, suggestions being raffles/events with guest speakers/treasure hunt (Tony Coates to be approached re this)

5.7    All committee members to canvas for new members

5.8    RF had meeting with Stanford Manager OM (Petronella) and reported that the sewage problem at the property on J J Swart is now being resolved, also the river sand at the end of Sannie Badenhorst is to be removed.

5.9    SC constitution. 

MJP put forward suggestion that the clause in the constitution relating to auditors should be amended to independent review of finances.  It was also proposed that an amendment be made to the number of SC Management Committee members sitting on the Heritage Committee be reduced from 3 down to 2

5.10    UDWG – MJP reported that this project is proceeding satisfactorily























6      Wine and WisdomFunds of R1,850 had been generated at the February quiz.  Several suggestions were put forward for future Wine and Wisdom venue.  KB to approach St Thomas Church regarding possible use of their hall.  RF to look into the possibility of using the corner conference room at Stanford House.







7      GeneralA brief discussion took place regarding the location of the children’s playground on Meent, this is an ongoing project and it is felt that Stanford Ratepayers should lead with input from Heritage Committee

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10:30.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 11 March 2014 commencing at 09h00 at House Frith




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