Ward 11 Feedback


Meeting held 18 October 2013

Water Quality

The water quality results published for the period April – June 2013 show what Stanford residents have experienced with their geysers elements corroding excessively.  Where the Calcium should be less than 15 mg/l, Stanford’s count was 57.  The reason is the addition of borehole water to our usual natural source from The Eye.  The municipality’s engineering section is looking into the issue, and will provide further feedback at the next ward committee meeting on how this situation is being resolved.  These results are also available on the Overstrand website.

Bird Hide at Willem Appel Dams

The bird hide along De Bruyn Street and viewing platform at the Ou Krale has been completed.  Residents and visitors are encouraged to use the hide.  Keys at a R50 deposit can be obtained from the Stanford Tourism Bureau’s office.  A small man-made island in the Willem Appel Dam provides excellent views of waders.

Market square upgrade

This year’s funds are reserved for improving the surface during the summer months by providing an irrigation system and building a sump for the leiwater to be used for irrigation.  The bigger picture is to be addressed at a later stage (and as part of Bernie Oberholzer’s plan – see last item below).

Pavement along Dreyer Street

The tender was rejected due to a technical issue and has to be re-advertised.  Councillor Coetzee requested that the issue be taken up immediately with Supply Chain Management to ensure that the work is completed in this financial year.  The remainder of the pavement will be done as a ward specific project in the 2014/15 financial year.

Draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP)

Organisations from Ward 11 were invited to a process to determine the needs of the various communities for 2014+.  The most important needs for Stanford were (1) tourism development, (2) housing (but being addressed), (3) tarring of certain roads, (4) village green rehabilitation and (5) playgrounds.

Ward specific projects identified for 2014/15

Following the IDP process, the following ward-specific projects have been identified on the 2014/15 budget – keeping in mind that there only is R450 000 per ward, and that this has to be divided between Stanford, Baardskeersdersbos, Eluxolweni (Gansbaai), Pearly Beach and Buffeljachts.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for all tourism development along the Klein River and the Willem Appel Dam.  The latter is for a pedestrian boardwalk on the northern side of Bezuidenhout Street at the dams (R100 000).
  • Completion of the soccer field boundary wall (R75 000).
  • Completion of pavement along Dreyer Street (R120 00).

Tarring of roads

The tarring of roads in the Overstrand is dependent on the sale of municipal land.  As no sales have taken place, no roads can as yet be tarred.  The Ratepayer’s Organisation was requested to prioritize the tarring of roads in Stanford, keeping in mind that the resurfacing of Shortmarket and Longmarket Streets will be part of the holistic plan for Queen Victoria Street and the market square.  Notice is taken that the tarring of De Bruyn Street hence becomes a priority for tarring.

Vision for Queen Victoria Street and market square

Following a presentation made by Bernie Oberholzer at a recent talk organised by the Heritage Committee, a request was made that Bernie draws up a holistic plan to make Queen Victoria Street more tourism and pedestrian friendly.  A short version of his presentation was shown at the IDP workshop, and everyone was impressed by this future vision for Stanford.  Watch this space for more news on this exciting project!

Compiled by Bea Whittaker: Individual Ward Committee member for Ward 11

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