The wandelpad has undergone a major upgrade since Stanford Conservation acquired “free” labour as part of the Dept of Environmental Affairs’ Working for the Coast job creation programme in the Overstrand Municipality.  The Stanford Administration agreed that the “green team” could be alternated between the office and Stanford Conservation (SC), who has their services every Wednesday and Thursday.  Five members of SC supervise the activities during these days… and there is an amicable ‘competition’ to see who can create the biggest heap of cleared vegetation during his/her week of duty!

As part of the preparations for the Stanford Bird fair in October, the team cleared the reeds from the Willem Appel Dam wall, which now offers a fantastic view of the dam with bird sightings at any time of the day. Other areas cleared around the dam are for a bird hide at the end of Longmarket Street and a viewing platform at the Oudekraal picnic site.

The garden at the main entrance to Stanford has had a makeover with aloes bursting with flower and a decorative tree stump and rocks making for a beautiful display.

A potentially muddy and unattractive part of the Wandelpad was the Leiwater channel running under the wooden bridge at the bottom of the steps leading to King Street. This is a favourite worm digging area. By packing rocks supplied by the municipality neatly in the channel the water now happily gurgles its way under the bridge towards the river.

A new information board, also supplied by the municipality, stands at the parking area at the bottom of King Street. There are numerous old faded information boards all along the Wandelpad. Stanford Conservation arranged with the municipality to have the new information boards erected at various strategic places.

Some areas along the wandelpad were identified as places were stolen goods are hidden until they can later be collected, vagrants sleep, or areas used as toilets – especially between Quick and Adderley Streets. This large area was cleared of undergrowth and rubble and now already shows signs of arum lilies and other indigenous flowers re-establishing themselves.

Because of the policy of no longer artificially opening the lagoon and leaving it to breach naturally, the water in the river will fill up and overflow it banks. A section of the wandelpad at the end of Adderley Street along the river was identified as an area that could be flooded if the river rose. A new section was constructed higher up the embankment to allow for all year round accesses.

Please download the Oberholtzer Management Plan “SCT- KRMP” HERE



 Entrance garden






Dam wall






Mr Pawuli and his team





Leiwater channel




Notice board






Undergrowth cleared






New raised wandelpad

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