2 800 weevils released in the river 26 April 2013

2 800 weevils were released as biological control measure in the river 26 April 2013

The weevils were flown down from Pretoria and were literally thrown into deep water this morning.  In each of the 28 plastic containers were approximately 100 weevils happily eating away on their host (water lettuce) plants and then released by placing these hosts plants in various sections along the river (mainly from Sillery estate to the African Queen).  Although we were told that no canoeists would be required, the three that did played an instrumental role in spreading the weevil as widely as possible.  Thanks to Tony Coates and Regina Jacoby (the latter with her German friend Inker who was unceremoniously roped in to help.

But – a HUGE THANK YOU to the municipality, the Overstrand Working for Water team and the Dept. of Environmental Affairs for their support.  We would have taken out water lettuce till the cows came home.  Now we can sit back and relax and let miniscule “goggas’ do the work for us!

Thank you also to everyone who supported the 1st attempt to remove the water lettuce, and to every man, woman and dog who was supportive of the initiative



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