MINUTES – 9 April 2013


Present : Royd Frith, Basil Whittaker, Bob Hadley, Michael Paddick, Keith Brown, Boet Venter, Lindsay Frith


1.   Meeting Format

1.1      Welcome

1.2      Apologies – Hester Venter whose husband Boet was attending as an observer in her stead.

1.3      Adoption of the agenda – BW raised his proposals and queried where and how such issues should be raised;  after discussion it was agreed that items within each committee member’s remit could be dealt with on an ad hoc basis but items requiring serious funding would need committee approval.  Questions arising from AGM

1.4      Adoption of the minutes of the meeting on March – item 9.6 was raised by BW who said that the figure of R24,000 had been quoted by Bernie Oberholzer but not yet accepted.  Adoption of the minutes was proposed by Royd Frith although it was requested and unanimously agreed that the word “adoption” should be replaced by “approval”.  BW raised the subject of the bridge over the Mill Stream at the Queen Vic St bridge and RF reported that this proposal had been approved by the Ward Council who would proceed with its construction in due course.

1.5      Appointment of office bearers :  It was confirmed that RF had been appointed Chairman and that LF had agreed to act as Hon Secretary for 3 months only until such time as an outside person was employed jointly by SCT and SBC to provide minutes to both associations. BW proposed BH should take over as Treasurer to deal with petty cash and that Ian Hunter would continue to keep the formal account and liaise with the auditors.  Sub-committees would run the leiwater under Jan Troost, the wandelpad and environment under Basil Whittaker and Heritage under Keith Brown.

1.6      Correspondence :  a letter of condolence had been written to the widow of David Evans who had played such a large part in establishing the wandelpad and declaring the heart of Stanford a conservation area.

1.7      Finance :  after discussion it was agreed no payments may be made for anything without prior committee approval; LF had been told by MR on handover that Tony Coates was owed R61,90 for hardware for repair of Mill Stream bridge; MR had been refunded R50 for photocopying ahead of the AGM and BW submitted a claim for R1,030.37 (R1,030.35 pd).

1.8      Wine & Wisdom : net receipts for March and April were R1,580 and R1,510 respectively which gave petty cash a gross balance of R6,650.72.  It was also agreed that, in view of the cost of bank charges for depositing cash, a nominated committee member would be allowed to make a direct EFT deposit into SCT’s bank account in exchange for surplus amounts of cash in order to retain the petty cash balance at around R3,000.  This transaction may not exceed R5,000 and must be sanctioned unanimously by the Chairman, Hon Treasurer and Hon Secretary.

2. Liaison
2.1     Feedback was given on any new activities under review such as the Stanford Wetland and Willem Appel dam bird hide.

3.   Environment

3.1      BW raised the items that he had previously forwarded to RF for inclusion on today’s agenda and these are included in Appendix A.  The bulk of these have already been actioned.

3.2      Benny Konductor from Gansbaai Municipality to be invited to our next meeting as an      BW observer.

3.3     Reeds – see BW’s progress report.

4.      Architecture and Buildings

4.1      Market Square – GW has offered his services on a pro bono basis to head up an SMS sub- committee of MP, BH, KB and RF when needed.  RF said that ideally local farmers should be involved (eg Mark Erwee) because of their involvement in the Boxing Day cricket contest.

4.2      A Heritage meeting was due this evening and KB reported that there were two or three sets of plans due to be discussed.

4.3      In response to a query he also said that the Stanford Style booklet was very close to being ready for re-printing.  RF suggested that fewer hard copies should be printed and more people encouraged to access this on-line.  MP asked if the subject of signage could also be covered in the Stanford Style booklet and KB undertook to pass this request on to the Heritage committee.

4.4      Cemeteries – KB reported that Heritage had agreed to try and use the available municipal budget of R4,000 for signs in the two cemeteries but he had been unable to get them ready in the limited time.  In the course of discussion, Bernie Oberholzer had suggested that a multi-year plan for the cemeteries be developed for possible municipal funding, which would be pursued in the Heritage Committee.

5. General

5.1    BW proposed starting a membership drive to an extensive list of Stanford residents that he had   prepared of potential new members.                                                                                          BW/HV

5.2    Website update and report – RF reported on progress and invited members to visit the site at www.standardconservation.co.za.

5.3    Capeinfo.  Hermanus article discussed and agreed to hold over until Overstrand Municipality responds.

5.4   The next meeting will be held at house Frith on Tuesday, 8th May 2013 at 09h00.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 11h30.


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