Leopard Toad Alert!!!!

Leopard Toad Alert!!!!

Stanford is blessed to have one of the world’s rarest amphibians living in its midst.

The highly endangered Western Leopard Toad, is a fynbos endemic. They are particularly vulnerable because they prefer open areas, especially when moving to and from their breeding sites in the breeding season (mostly in August) They do however move around at other times of the year. Recently one was killed by a vehicle in Stanford, the first recorded incident of its kind. With all the hustle, bustle and excitement of Stanfordians and their welcome guests and families danger to our Leopard Toad increases.

As a result of R14 500 received as a grant for a Sony Camcan received following the highly successful and wonderfully supported Wildlife Conservation auction held during the Stanford Bird Fair, Naas Terblanche of Vaalvlei, a highly respected local amphibian authority, is currently researching and filming the species and hopes this will result in a definitive documentary suitable for widespread release.

He has appealed for drivers and the public in general to be aware that the Leopard Toad needs our protection, especially in the festive season. In view of the endangered status of this species, anybody coming across one is urged to contact Naas Terblanche or Royd Frith at the numbers listed below.

Their fragile future depends on us

Please support Stanford Conservation

Royd Frith                                                       Naas Terblanche

Stanford Conservation Trust                      0283410170 or 0727823431

028 341 0896                                                 info@vaalvlei.co.z


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