Stanford’s proposed new look

Stanford’s proposed new look

Stanford has a unique look and feel, and there is general consensus that we should try and maintain this small-town village atmosphere which is threatened by unsympathetic town planning regulations.  Much has already changed because of randomly placed engineering requirements such as electricity boxes, street signs etc.  Unlike some Overstrand towns we really want to keep our charm and atmosphere.
Stanford Conservation, Stanford Tourism and Stanford Ratepayer’s Association decided during 2013 to join hands in a Stanford Revitalisation Initiative, commissioning well-known landscape architect and Stanford resident Bernard Oberholzer to draw up a plan on how we could sensitively marry town planning requirements with the village’s heritage character.

The result of Bernard’s initial work is a proposal for the Queen Victoria Street precinct which can be downloaded here: Part One Part Two.  The basic concept is to create four landscaped village squares which are multi-functional and could be used for parking during the day and, for example, sidewalk restaurants at night.  Landscaping of the squares will also automatically slow down traffic.   A presentation was made to the Overstrand Municipality in September 2013, following which the concepts are now incorporated in their master planning.

Included in this precinct plan is a proposal for the entrance to Queen Victoria Street from the R43/R326.  This intersection will be upgraded by the Provincial Roads Department as part of the larger project to widen the road between Stanford and Hermanus.  The entrance proposal has been forwarded to the Department as part of Stanford Conservation’s comment on the Final Basic Assessment Report completed in June 2014.


The concept behind the rejuvenation plans is not only to improve the main road (Queen Victoria Street), but to provide a better ‘sense of place’ to a number of Stanford areas.  Bernard Oberholzer has therefore also been commissioned to draw up the following precinct plans:

Market square (village green) and adjacent roads: This is long needed as the dust problem on the roads in summer, and the drainage problems of the village green in winter, need urgent attention.  The one can, unfortunately, not be done without the other.  In addition, a solution has to be found for the additional parking requirements to be made available without defacing the 3A heritage graded (i.e.  local significance) village green, and the 2B graded (provincial significance) St Thomas’ Anglican Church.

During the second half of 2015 the municipality approached Stanford Conservation for their input for the revitalisation of the village green and the rehabilitation of the adjoining sections of Longmarket and Shortmarket Streets.   Bernard Oberholzer once again drafted a Village Green precinct proposal, which was presented to the municipality and essentially consists of the following components:

  • A paved sidewalk (taking into account the ‘leiwater’ adjacent to the houses on both sides of the village green);
  • Parking on the village green side (either parallel or angled);
  • A natural pathway between the parking and the village green.

Some options have been proposed to accommodate these improvements – particularly the choice between and a one or two-way vehicular system around the Village Green.   The options can be viewed HERE (8MB Download)

 Stanford’s water courses: Compared to the rest of the Overstrand, Stanford sadly lacks facilities for tourists, especially along the river.   A survey of needs conducted in 2011 identified various required facilities and they have been incorporated into another precinct plan that formed the basis of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) recently completed for tourism facilities within the 32-metre riparian zone.   Funds have been requested in the municipal 2015/16 financial year budget for some facilities to be built.   These include a floating jetty for the 3 tour operating boats (mainly bird-watching), an upgrade of the slipway, a guard house and canoe storage and toilet facilities at the boom, and a stepped ramp for canoeists and swimmers to easily access the river.

Bezuidenhout Street community area: There is a huge need for a better sense of place at the existing community centre, as well as to upgrade the road/pedestrian facilities between Mathilda May and De Bruyn Streets.  No funds are available for the tarring of this section, but a sidewalk was recently completed with funds obtained via the Overstrand Greenest Town award in 2011 and 2012.  Once again a draft precinct plan formed the base of how and where the sidewalk was placed and future improvements will be constructed.

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Minutes of Special General Meeting 22 July 2014

Minutes of Special General Meeting held on Tuesday 22 July 2014 – 19h00 at Stanford Table are available for download here: SCT – Minutes SGM July 2014~final

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2014 Stanford Style Booklet Now Available

10 April 2014

2014 Stanford Style Booklet now available for download HERE
(5 MB File)

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Meeting Reports and Minutes

Agendas, Minutes and Reports of Management Committee Meeting are now grouped together and are now available on the MINUTES Tab above

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As proposed by the Stanford Conservation Trust and the Stanford Heritage Committee, February 2008

Due to frequent requests, we now offer this document as a downloadable pdf

To download, please click HERE

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Yearend Review

To all Stanford Conservation and Heritage Association members,

As the year draws to a close I thought it would be of interest to review some of the major activities and achievements of Stanford Conservation and Heritage.  Whilst a comprehensive chairman’s report will be presented at the AGM that will be held according to our constitution in the first quarter of 2014 the following is a synopsis of some of our activities in the past year :

  • Successful restructuring and implementation of Stanford Manco;
  • Increased awareness and involvement in Stanford’s flora and fauna;
  • Lead role in successful proclamation of Stanford wetland;
  • Strong financial position with sound financial controls;
  • Active role in Stanford’s “renaissance”;
  • Revitalisation of Stanford Ratepayers’ Association;
  • Ongoing development and curatorship of Stanford Wandelpad;
  • Redevelopment of Stanford Conservation website;
  • Active involvement as representatives of SC on OM Ward 11 committee;
  • Active role in development of Willem Appel Dams birdhide;
  • Ongoing protection of Stanford aesthetics including maintaining the Meent’s historical integrity and the reprint of “Simply Stanford”.
  • Development and maintenance of sound working relationship with Overstrand Municipality.

All that remains is for the SC Committee to thank all their members for their ongoing support and to wish them and their families a happy, safe and successful festive season.

Stanford Manco team.


December 2013.

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Leopard Toad Alert!!!!

Leopard Toad Alert!!!!

Stanford is blessed to have one of the world’s rarest amphibians living in its midst.

The highly endangered Western Leopard Toad, is a fynbos endemic. They are particularly vulnerable because they prefer open areas, especially when moving to and from their breeding sites in the breeding season (mostly in August) They do however move around at other times of the year. Recently one was killed by a vehicle in Stanford, the first recorded incident of its kind. With all the hustle, bustle and excitement of Stanfordians and their welcome guests and families danger to our Leopard Toad increases.

As a result of R14 500 received as a grant for a Sony Camcan received following the highly successful and wonderfully supported Wildlife Conservation auction held during the Stanford Bird Fair, Naas Terblanche of Vaalvlei, a highly respected local amphibian authority, is currently researching and filming the species and hopes this will result in a definitive documentary suitable for widespread release.

He has appealed for drivers and the public in general to be aware that the Leopard Toad needs our protection, especially in the festive season. In view of the endangered status of this species, anybody coming across one is urged to contact Naas Terblanche or Royd Frith at the numbers listed below.

Their fragile future depends on us

Please support Stanford Conservation

Royd Frith                                                       Naas Terblanche

Stanford Conservation Trust                      0283410170 or 0727823431

028 341 0896                                       

All things conservation.

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Ward 11 Feedback 18 Oct 2013


Water Quality

The water quality results published for the period April – June 2013 show what Stanford residents have experienced with their geysers elements corroding excessively.  Where the Calcium should be less than 15 mg/l, Stanford’s count was 57.  The reason is the addition of borehole water to our usual natural source from The Eye.  The municipality’s engineering section is looking into the issue, and will provide further feedback at the next ward committee meeting on how this situation is being resolved.  These results are also available on the Overstrand website.

Bird Hide at Willem Appel Dams

The bird hide along De Bruyn Street and viewing platform at the Ou Krale has been completed.  Residents and visitors are encouraged to use the hide.  Keys at a R50 deposit can be obtained from the Stanford Tourism Bureau’s office.  A small man-made island in the Willem Appel Dam provides excellent views of waders.

Market square upgrade

This year’s funds are reserved for improving the surface during the summer months by providing an irrigation system and building a sump for the leiwater to be used for irrigation.  The bigger picture is to be addressed at a later stage (and as part of Bernie Oberholzer’s plan – see last item below).

Pavement along Dreyer Street

The tender was rejected due to a technical issue and has to be re-advertised.  Councillor Coetzee requested that the issue be taken up immediately with Supply Chain Management to ensure that the work is completed in this financial year.  The remainder of the pavement will be done as a ward specific project in the 2014/15 financial year.

Draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP)

Organisations from Ward 11 were invited to a process to determine the needs of the various communities for 2014+.  The most important needs for Stanford were (1) tourism development, (2) housing (but being addressed), (3) tarring of certain roads, (4) village green rehabilitation and (5) playgrounds.

Ward specific projects identified for 2014/15

Following the IDP process, the following ward-specific projects have been identified on the 2014/15 budget – keeping in mind that there only is R450 000 per ward, and that this has to be divided between Stanford, Baardskeersdersbos, Eluxolweni (Gansbaai), Pearly Beach and Buffeljachts.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for all tourism development along the Klein River and the Willem Appel Dam.  The latter is for a pedestrian boardwalk on the northern side of Bezuidenhout Street at the dams (R100 000).
  • Completion of the soccer field boundary wall (R75 000).
  • Completion of pavement along Dreyer Street (R120 00).

Tarring of roads

The tarring of roads in the Overstrand is dependent on the sale of municipal land.  As no sales have taken place, no roads can as yet be tarred.  The Ratepayer’s Organisation was requested to prioritize the tarring of roads in Stanford, keeping in mind that the resurfacing of Shortmarket and Longmarket Streets will be part of the holistic plan for Queen Victoria Street and the market square.  Notice is taken that the tarring of De Bruyn Street hence becomes a priority for tarring.

Vision for Queen Victoria Street and market square

Following a presentation made by Bernie Oberholzer at a recent talk organised by the Heritage Committee, a request was made that Bernie draws up a holistic plan to make Queen Victoria Street more tourism and pedestrian friendly.  A short version of his presentation was shown at the IDP workshop, and everyone was impressed by this future vision for Stanford.  Watch this space for more news on this exciting project!

Compiled by Bea Whittaker: Individual Ward Committee member for Ward 11


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Stanford features in Business Day

Business Day ran an article on Stanford on Friday 27th September 2013

Entitled “A little taste of England in the Cape”, the article can be accessed on the following link:

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JOIN JOIN JOIN – June Letter to Stanfordians

Dear fellow Stanfordians

We are trying to increase the membership of Stanford Conservation so that we can have as broad a representative base as possible.It gives Stanford Conservation (SC) a lot of credibility if we can prove that we have a large membership base (100 plus, aiming for 250) – especially when requesting the municipality to address enviromental and/or heritage issues, or applying for external project funding eg. the restoration of St Thomas Anglican Church.

THE GOOD NEWS IS…at the recent AGM it was decided that the 2013/2014 membership is FREE.

The reason is that we raise funds by various other means (monthly Wine and Wisdom evenings) and therefore could make this exception to prospective interested people for the coming year.

JOIN     JOIN     JOIN.   IT costs nothing and in return see our village going from strength to strength especially environmentally – and heritage wise.

Please download the Membership form HERE or apply for the membership form from one of the following e-mail addresses:

Stanford Conservation has recently developed and is busy to futher upgrade its own website.Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest information and the most recent developments/projects etc by logging on to there is also a link to the Stanford Conservation webpage of Stanford Info.

Stanford Conservation Manco

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